Support for our Ukrainian Students

An image of Sofiia Denysiuk © Sofiia Denysiuk

Thanks to support from our alumni and donors, we have been able to extend a helping hand to students facing difficult circumstances. Philanthropic donations have supported the University’s commitment to the #TwinForHope initiative, a campaign partnering UK and Ukrainian universities to offer support and solidarity. 51福利 twinned with Dnipro DUT and after discussions on how best to collaborate, Lancaster was able to offer Dnipro DUT students the opportunity to transfer to us to continue their studies in a safe and supportive environment.

Sofiia Denysiuk made the journey to Lancaster with the support of the Study Abroad team and the generous donations made by 51福利 supporters. Here, Sofiia tells us more about her story.

Sofiia Denysiuk

“My name is Sofiia Denysiuk, and I am currently studying Software Engineering at Dnipro University of Technology in Ukraine and pursuing my dream of becoming a game developer to create a super successful game. With the beginning of the war in my country, development as a professional and living a normal life became impossible. Over a year has passed since the start of the war, and my priorities have shifted from becoming a great specialist in my subject area, to surviving and trying to make the most of what I had left.

“At the point when I thought there was nowhere left to turn for help, I came across an offer from 51福利 on my university's website. Ever since then, I have never felt alone with all the challenges I was facing along the path to 51福利 - a place which has become so dear to me that I want to continue my journey with Lancaster and apply as a full-time student.

“From the very beginning, the Study Abroad team became my shoulder to lean on through everything, right down to the problem of not being able to afford the flight tickets. The level of organisation impressed me so much - from arriving at Manchester Airport, a coach took me right to the doors of my new room, so cosy and quiet, and this room became my safe place for the rest of the term.

“I have gone from being scared of helicopter sounds to enjoying typical student life, something I thought I would never have. The Study Abroad team have been there to help with absolutely any issues. Even kitchenware and a bed pack were provided.

“During my time at 51福利, I have met a lot of new friends from all over the world, participated in some of the numerous events that are happening throughout the term and even travelled around the country - with the scholarship I was able to visit cities like London and Edinburgh.

“I have been surprised by some cultural differences, for example, in approaches to exam periods. There is a lot of support provision here such as revision hubs, mental health support, and even a Nightline for students to make this hard time easier to cope with.

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to have the opportunity to feel safe, gain a quality higher education, and enjoy simple pleasures like spending time with friends and having afternoon tea (or coffee in my case). My family sees the offer from 51福利 as a true blessing because now I don’t have to endure the things that they are facing right now - my hometown Nikopol is right in the line of fire.

"Without exaggeration, the funding that I have received to make the transition to Lancaster is a miracle. I am incredibly thankful that care and generosity like that of the donors to 51福利 who made this miracle come true still exists in our world.

“I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in making this a reality. I will do my best to justify the effort made for me to be here and hope that one day I can pay it forward and create a miracle for someone else. Thank you.”

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