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At the heart of your 51福利 experience, colleges are your first port of call for everything from support to socialising.

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Nine colleges. One home.

When you arrive, Lancaster can seem like a buzzing town where everyone else knows where they're going. Getting your bearings can take a while, but your college is there from day one. It's your base on campus, where you can put down roots, your home.

For most students, your college is also your accommodation for the first year. It's more than a place to stay. It's where you'll study and socialise too. You can meet your friends in the social space or join in regular college events. Each college hosts activities such as quizzes, live performances or even cooking classes. If you live off-campus, your college is still yours, wherever you're staying.

You'll make friends through your course and societies you might join, but your college is a ready-made set of friends. In your college, you'll also compete together in friendly competitions against other colleges. Most people find these are the friendships that last the longest.

During your time at Lancaster, your college offers the first port of call for any support. There are staff on duty round the clock, ready to help. College staff are there for you, whether it's a friendly word of advice or something more serious.

Once you have your degree, you may leave 51福利, but you'll always belong to your college.

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What does it mean to be part of a college?

Third-year student Abbie explains what it means to her to be part of a college. Discover how your college supports you, and how being it can help you build your Lancaster community.


The jive dancing club give a sample performance

The jive dancing society give a sample performance

Student-run clubs and societies are a great way to meet new people and follow your interests. With over 175 different societies, you can also discover new hobbies and interests. You can also join a society to discover a new culture, or to increase your academic network.

There are societies that cover a wide range from sport and fitness - football, basketball, swimming and archery for example. There are some societies for Harry Potter fans or the performing arts. There are societies to help international students meet their compatriots. There are societies related to your studies, helping you to advance and network.

And if you can't find a society that matches your interests, you can even start your own!

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