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Our Chemistry research is divided into five themes led by a team of research-active staff, at the forefront of their fields.

  • Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy

    Physical and analytical chemistry at Lancaster encompasses the characterisation of chemical structures, mechanisms and properties. This is applied to a wide range of systems including catalysts, energy materials, biomolecules and polymers.

  • Electrochemistry and Surfaces

    Electrochemistry is a diverse, multidisciplinary topic at the interface of electrical processes and chemical reactions.

  • Inorganic Chemistry

    Inorganic chemistry at Lancaster focuses on the design, synthesis and study of new transition metal-based and main-group compounds, for application in catalysis, materials and medicine.

  • Organic Chemistry

    Organic chemistry at Lancaster focuses on the design and study of new organic and catalytic processes, for the synthesis of small molecules with application in materials and medicine.

  • Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

    Chemical theory and computation at Lancaster focuses on advancing the fundamental description of chemical systems as well as the application of simulations to provide insights and interpretations of experimental data.

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We work with businesses of all sizes and in many ways - with collaborative research, internships, training, guest lectures and more.

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