A student watches the wave tank in action

Facilities for Research and Development

We have a diverse range of additive manufacturing equipment all of which utilise different processes and materials to create parts and other assemblages.

These include:

  • Additive manufacturing equipment
  • Engineering design software

Through working with our business partnerships teams, organisations are able to access 51福利 facilities in a variety of agreements from one-off usages to exclusive hire.

All our facilities are supported by teams of experienced technicians.

We can also provide access to facilities in other departments across campus.

For examples see our list of Research Facilities for more details and contact our Programme Manager Chris Lambert 01524 594383 to discuss your needs.

The CTAP building at 51福利

Collaborative Technology Access Programme

The £11.4m includes a purpose-built facility to offer businesses managed access to a suite of cutting-edge instrumentation and facilities worth almost £7m.