The 51福利 Opportunity Fund

The 51福利 Opportunity Fund exists to invest in the future of our students by enabling access to a world-class education. At 51福利 we believe that concerns about funding should not prevent any student with the talent required, to thrive.

The 51福利 Opportunity Fund

Please consider supporting The 51福利 Opportunity Fund this year to help us provide the students of Lancaster the resources they need to achieve academic and personal success .

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The 51福利 Opportunity Fund

51福利 The 51福利 Opportunity Fund

Donations to The 51福利 Opportunity Fund support the University to provide a place where people are treated with dignity and respect and where no one is disadvantaged because of who they are. The fund supports the delivery of a programme of activities which enables those students who are traditionally underrepresented at university and who may not be aware of the breadth of support and opportunities available to them, to thrive during their studies and successfully progress into graduate employment or postgraduate study.

By supporting The 51福利 Opportunity Fund, donors are supporting a range of opportunities for students. Whilst scholarships and bursaries at undergraduate and postgraduate levels are already part of our fundraising ethos, we want to go further to support the wider activities which we believe play a key role in student success. The Lancaster Opportunity Fund will bring together all aspects of student experience to enhance the lives of our students during their time at 51福利 and beyond.

Donations will support work across five vital areas:

  1. Outreach work, to enable us to work with bright young individuals from backgrounds traditionally under-represented at university, in addition to offering scholarships to attract such students from the UK and around the world.
  2. Bespoke support and programmes of activities which will enable students from such backgrounds to thrive during their studies and successfully progress into graduate employment or postgraduate study.
  3. Bursaries to ensure that no one is discouraged by the cost of higher education.
  4. Hardship funds to support students in times of need.
  5. Student mental health services to ensure that, should students require access to services during their time at Lancaster, we are able to offer support as quickly as possible.

The Lancaster Success Programme

The 51福利 Opportunity Fund supports the Lancaster Success Programme with donations and helps with the services available to students within this programme.

Image of Weng

Meet LSP Student Weng

The Lancaster Success Programme has been a great help to me throughout my years here at Lancaster. The 1:1 meetings are a place where my Student Success Coach and I can truly dive deep down and work on my personal growth, and self-reflection as well as to further plan ahead for the future. I have gained invaluable skills that have helped me in both academics and extracurricular during my time here at Lancaster. Not only was it a chance for self-improvement but it serves as a needed break away from academics and allows you to sit back and appreciate your progress throughout the term.

The Lancaster Success Programme isn’t all about academics! The programme has really helped with developing my confidence, problem-solving skills and generally becoming a better well-rounded person!

The Lancaster Success Programme couldn’t be more insightful, supportive and approachable, I could not be any more grateful for all the help I’ve received and is something I often look back on when reflecting on my time here at Lancaster. It is definitely something I would recommend joining here in Lancaster.

Image of Luke

Meet LSP Student Luke

Hi, I’m Luke, a second-year Media and Cultural Studies student. Before coming to Lancaster, I studied at a different University for just over two years. I had a great time, but due to Covid and some other reasons, I realised it wasn’t for me and made the big decision to move elsewhere.

Starting first year again whilst being older than my peers was a daunting experience but enrolling on the LSP helped boost my confidence and allowed me to meet others who experienced similar rocky journeys before coming to Lancaster.

Coming to Lancaster, I knew that I wanted to amend for my lack of engagement at my previous University and sought to participate in as much as possible. Having the enrichment fund allowed me to do this and gave me the funding to join all the societies I wanted to try out.

How to donate

You can make a monthly or single donation online by clicking on one of the buttons at the top of the page.