Dr Kirsty Dunn


Research Overview

My research interests lie in the investigation of cognitive development in utero and throughout the first year of life. During an ESRC 1 + 3 studentship, I investigated infant understanding of numeracy and object permanence. These projects aimed to investigate the use of infant social looking and the effects of the social environment when measuring these aspects of cognition. I have since been involved in a number of language acquisition projects. Currently, I have been awarded a Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellowship investigating the processing of social stimuli in utero.

01/08/2023 → 31/03/2025

22/04/2022 → 22/07/2025

15/03/2022 → 30/12/2022

01/01/2018 → 31/03/2022

Participation in conference -Mixed Audience

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