Dr Amy Atkinson

Lecturer in Developmental Psychology

Research Interests

I have several resarch interests:

1. Working memory

Working memory refers to an individual's ability to hold and process limited amounts of information over a brief period of time. My research examines how working memory develops during childhood and adolescence, as well as how it operates in adulthood. I am particularly interested in the relationship between working memory and other measures, such as attention and learning.

2. Long-term memory

I am also interested in how information is retained (and forgotten) over the longer-term. I am currently involved in a project which is attempting to develop a test to diagnose accelerated long-term forgetting. This is a condition in which individuals show normal learning, accompanied by rapid forgetting over the days or weeks that follow.

3. Early life experiences and later cognitive and academic outcomes

Experiences in the first five years of life can have lasting impacts on cognitive and academic outcomes. I am interested in identifying factors during the first few years that predict later cognitive and academic outcomes.

18/10/2023 → 17/10/2025

01/10/2022 → 30/09/2024

01/09/2022 → 31/08/2024

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