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Year 12 STEM Taster Day

STEM Taster Day 2023

The Faculties of Science and Technology and Health and Medicine are pleased to welcome you and your students onto the campus on the 21st of June for our STEM Taster Day. The STEM Taster Day is an opportunity for students to discover more about studying STEM subjects at one of the country’s leading universities, what research is being carried out at Lancaster, and what impact it having. It will also provide an opportunity for networking with academics of your subject speciality to discuss their research as part of a CPD morning.

Departments involved include: Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Geography, Chemistry, Computer Science, Biomedical Sciences and Why Lancaster.

The Faculty will be able to assist with transport costs and will provide all lunches and refreshments.

Places are limited therefore we can only take one coach per school or college. If you would like to book or receive more information please email:

STEM Taster Day 2023 Student Itinerary

  • 10am – Arrive
  • 10am – 10:40am – Campus Tour
  • 10.40am – 11am – Welcome
  • 11am – 12.30pm – Session One
  • 12.30pm – 1pm – Lunch
  • 1pm – 2.30pm – Session Two
  • 2.30pm – 3pm Student Q&A
  • 3pm – Depart from the Campus

STEM Taster Day Teacher Itinerary

  • 10am – Arrive
  • 10am – 10:40am Students will participate in a campus tour whilst teachers will engage in a networking opportunity (tea, coffee and pastries provided)
  • 10.40am – 11am – Welcome talk delivered by the Faculty of Science and Technology
  • 11am – 12.30pm – Teacher knowledge share opportunity with interactive sessions delivered by senior Faculty research staff
  • 12.30pm – 1pm – Lunch
  • 1pm – 2.30pm – Opportunity for teachers to network and catch up with their admin, with tea and coffee
    2.30pm – 3pm – Accompany your students for a Student Q and A
  • 3pm Depart from Campus

FST Sessions

The Faculty of Science and Technology has a whole host of sessions available for you to take part in!


Get hands-on with our highly-sensitive sensors and study the cosmic-ray particles from outer space as well as measure the trace gamma-ray radiation from everyday objects – like bananas!

Mathematics and Statistics

Create sustainable choices for society by making predictions about the future using statistical inference. Test out your logic using deductive reasoning to determine why some infinities are bigger than others.


Join us for a demo from our amazing academics who are conducting research into how we can store and use electrical energy from renewable sources such as wind and sunlight. They’re also working on reducing plastic waste by developing polymers that can be used in medicine.


Have a go at coding in Arduino to get our robotics arms to move nuclear waste! We’ll help you to identify the skills that make for a great engineer and show you round all the labs in our Engineering Building.

Environmental and Earth Sciences and Geography

Our session will give you a flavour of two environmental challenges and how we can tackle them using the social and physical sciences. We will get you thinking about some of the greatest challenges of the modern world and the fragility of the planet that we rely on for our existence.


Take part in a cyber Lego game where you manage a business and must decide whether to invest your money in making the business grow or protecting yourself from hackers. Which will you choose?

FHM Session

Biomedical Sciences

The field of biosciences covers the study of living organisms at all levels from whole ecosystems to individual biomolecules, such as DNA. Join us in our state-of-the-art teaching lab where you will have the hands-on opportunity to carry out a DNA fingerprinting experiment. Learn about how molecular biology techniques can be used to help solve crimes and contribute to conservation efforts.