Professor David Middleton


Research Overview

In my research I use solid-state NMR to examine molecular structure, function and dynamics. Current research falls broadly into two areas:

1. Solid-state NMR methods to determine the structure and interactions of pharmaceutical molecules in their site of action in biological receptor targets. Current targets of interest are membrane embedded proteins, including the digitalis receptor and its interaction with cardiac glycosides, amyloid polypeptides and their interactions with carbohydrates and cardiac calcium handling proteins as targets for heart failure.

2. Magic-angle spinning and oriented sample NMR methods to probe the molecular architectures of novel, biologically-inspired nanomaterials, including peptide nanotubes and peptide-capped nanoparticles for biocompatible applications.

01/12/2023 → 30/11/2026

03/01/2023 → 31/03/2023

01/09/2021 → 31/10/2023

01/04/2019 → 01/04/2024

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